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American Sign Language 1: A-G, Semester 1

4-10 students A-G & HS Electives American Sign Language

ASL is a beautiful, expressive, physical language used by over a million Americans every day to communicate with family, friends, schoolmates and co-workers. I have been teaching ASL to homeschoolers for over 20 years.

This is a year-long course designed to meet the "E" requirement of the A-G high school course requirements. 

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Class Description

This college preparatory elective foreign language class is open to all high school students. This course will teach the manual alphabet, basic sign vocabulary, finger spelling, hand shapes, and an introduction to the history of sign language and Deaf Culture. 

The course curriculum is based on the California Department of Education World Language Content Standards available at: https://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/worldlanguage2009.pdf.

Homework will be assigned for 10 weeks during the Tuesday classes and will be due either the following week or the week after. No homework will be given over holiday breaks. Typical homework assignments should take 30 minutes to complete. If a student is absent, homework should be turned in the following week.

Testing: On weeks 4 and 12, a vocabulary quiz will be given; word lists will be distributed in class the week before. Quizlet sets and other online game links will be available. A short midterm will be given on week 8 and a comprehensive final exam on week 14. Missed tests must be made up as soon as possible.

Class Structure: Classes will be held virtually via Zoom. Students must keep their camera on and audio muted whenever possible to assure participation and comprehension.

Class meeting dates:   9/14, 9/16, 9/21, 9/23, 9/28, 9/30

                                        10/5, 10/7, 10/12, 10/14, 10/19, 10/21, 10/26, 10/28

                                        11/2, 11/4, 11/9, 11/11, 11/16, 11/18,  11/23 (Thanksgiving Day off), 11/30, 12/2

                                        12/7, 12/9, 12/14, 12/16, (2 weeks off),  1/4/2022, 1/6, 1/11, and 1/13

Attitude is everything! Please be kind!

Semester 2 will be offered during Spring 2022 to complete a one-year high school foreign language credit.

Additional Information

Class size 4-10 students

Textbook:  Sign Language Made Simple by Karen Lewis and Roxanne Henderson

Additional Required Material: Download & print ASL 1A/1B Supplemental Workbook pdf - sent via email after registration. 



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About the Instructor

Kathy Kendrick

Kathy Kendrick earned a BA in Communicative Disorders and MS in Instructional Design and Technology and teaches many different classes including American Sign Language, Language Arts, Reading/Phonics (Orton-Gillingham trained) and her newest passion is “Gameschooling”. 

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